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Changing Industry Standards

Our Grow Well™ Organic Infant Formula is the first to introduce organic lactose as the sole carbohydrate.  Given parents’ concerns about carbohydrate sources, our formula is thoughtfully formulated with lactose—the most abundant carbohydrate found in breast milk [1] —without adding corn syrup solids. We believe our approach will ultimately change the way parents and clinicians critically evaluate the ingredients in infant formula.



Get Your Clinician Resource Packet

Order a free Clinician’s Resource Packet containing a tear pad with $10 off coupons for your patients—made available only through pediatrician offices.



Our Wellness Advisors

We created our Wellness Advisory Panel—a multidisciplinary team of experts in pediatric medicine, nutrition, food science, culinary arts and food innovation—to ensure our food and mission are grounded in the most progressive thinking out there.